Daydreaming of gardening season?
Me, too, my friend, me, too.

I’ve got you.

Whether that entails rows of flowers, alliums and nightshades, an overflowing container porch garden, or diving into your first season like, “let’s throw seed and see what happens,” I am thrilled you’re thinking forward, and I can help make it happen for you!

My goal with this project is multidimensional. I plan to:

1. Offer homegrown organic seeds locally.

2. Promote and advocate confidence in self-sufficiency, sustainability and reducing waste.

3. Aid in confidence boosting for first-time growers and help brown thumbs, master gardeners – and everyone in between – grow lush, productive gardens in a time that we may look back at as a homesteading and homegrown renaissance.

4. Increase awareness of the importance of growing pollinator gardens in Northern Illinois and throughout the Midwest. Help save the bees!

5. Bring beauty and abundance to our neighborhoods and communities.

Thank you for stopping by!

Chelsey Fulbright
Community Cultivator

Questions or ideas for collaboration:

I am always looking for new avenues to grow my network and skill sets.

Let’s grow together!


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Seeds will be offered until they run out. Find my offerings HERE! 🙂

*Seed germination rates may vary based on growing conditions including, but not limited to: temperature, humidity, soil and water consistency.


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Your contribution is appreciated.

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